Hotel design trends in Dubai. The changing landscape...

Global approach & social media outreach to potential guests.

The presentation of Dubai as a region rich in design, current in trends and visually captivating are key factors in the potential growth of the regions hospitality industry. World audiences consume information through (but not exclusive to) a variety of means, including vlogs, blogs, online & social content. As we design environments we must bear in mind how it will be captured and communicated to the world.

Key Drivers in 5 Star Hotels:

Identity 33.33%

Destination 26.67%

Experience 20%

Technology 13.33%

Simplicity 6.67%

Key Drivers in 3 Star Hotels:

Experience 20%

Connectivity 26.67%

Identity 13.33%

Design 6.67%

Young Demographic 33.33%

Newest, most interesting design directions and trends in hospitality and commercial interiors you anticipate in 2018?

Experience v’s luxuries. Emerging demographics are looking for cultural, social, physical and sensory experiences. Quality of service and high end materials are not their key drivers. Therefore, design trends such as urban renewal, decay, organic and green themes are more valuable to them.

In recent years we have seen an increased orientation in the region to develop the branded quality mid-scale hotel offering. Are these tendencies are having an influence on your market segments?

Smaller hotel sizes lend themselves to driving the experiences and themes desired by some emerging demographics. Branding can be more focused as well as the themeing of the experiential factors of the design.

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