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Updated: Feb 11, 2018

Being involved in the design community in Dubai & the greater region for the best part of a decade, I have been invited to partake in a number of research, speaking and social events intended to bring the network closer, form strategies at a high level and create a positive communication between competing parties.

I have found the experience engaging and enlightening on both a personal & professional level. Here are a small collection of publication where I have partaken in, contributed to or published the work.

As a design community we need to work together to maintain standards in the industry and share valuable knowledge. This sharing of insights finds its way back to use and creates a more educated and positive environment with a very positive effect on the business community which again comes back to us in a very positive way.

Most recently I was asked to partake in a think in/round table discussion with Zumtobel in order to produce a Hospitality Report... The end gain was to publish across multiple titles throughout the region and ensure there is a shared insight into the progress of the changing and challenging hospitality trade, not only in Dubai, but worldwide.

As I return to Dublin to involve myself in the commercial design and fitout industry, I am looking forward to contributing positively to my peer group and excited to get feedback on the state of the design business in Ireland.

There is a very positive energy on the streets of Ireland, we need to engage with it and use it to produce relevant and exciting experiences.

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